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Meet Dona!

Posted by LP on 11/04/2022

This weekend we met Dona, who's currently living at Sara Protectora, in Tahiche, one of the animal rescue shelters in Lanzarote.

Dona loved being out and about and has such a kind personality, well-behaved around other dogs, and she and her friends are looking for a new home!

Dona told us her favourite things are sniffing everything, saying hello to friends on walkies and exploring.

If you already live in Lanzarote and are looking for a pet, then do adopt, don't shop! Visit Sara's website for more information.

The staff and volunteers are multilingual and can definitely help you.

If you are unable to take on the commitment of a pet or are only visiting Lanzarote then you can still help out, Sara Protectora (and the dogs!) love volunteer dog walkers. Added bonus; a walk in the countryside!

Bring your ID and pay a nominal insurance fee and that's it, you can pop in on weekdays and Saturdays to walk a dog!

Sara also has a membership and takes donations.

Go check out how you can help Dona and friends at Sara Protectora!

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